Web 2.0 explained in less than 5 minutes: We are the web


No doubt you have heard the term Web 2.0. In fact you have probably heard it at least several times a week for the last year or so. Depending on what you do for a living perhaps even dozens of times a day. But if you are like many, the term is still a bit of a mystery.

This is not a new video. In fact as fast as things are moving today it is almost ancient having been posted in March 2007. Created by anthropologist Michael Wesch it think it is probably the best explanation of Web 2.0 ever written (digital or otherwise). The fact is we are Web 2.0. We who are using Twitter, blogging, contributing to Wikki’s, uploading photos to photo sharing sites, posting on Facebook, reviewing products and services on websites and commenting online are Web 2.0. Once that sinks in the mystery is gone.

If you have a bit more time to commit, about an hour, I highly recommend this talk that Professor Wesh gave to the Library of Congress in July 2008.