Word Clouds: Curiosity, art, and insight


Every once in awhile I like to create a word cloud of my Twitter or blog just to see what emerges.  Seldom does the cloud that emerges meet up with my own impression of the content I am producing or things that I am talking about. But more than anything it’s usually just an exercise in curiosity. In some ways it is words as art. And at best it is insightful and revealing.

My favorite easy to use tool is Wordle. Wordle allows you to add a chink of text, any site with an RSS, or a del.icio.us user name.

Below is a cloud of this blog (click on clouds to see a larger image):

Skyblue-pink.com Wordcloud
Skyblue-pink.com Word Cloud

Here is one of my Twitter stream (curious little snapshot in time):

My Twitter Word Cloud
My Twitter Word Cloud

And finally is the one I find the most relevant and interesting. This is a word cloud pulled in from the CNN top stories RSS for today April 5, 2009:

CNN top stories for April 5,2009 word cloud
CNN Top Stories for April 5,2009 Word Cloud

I am saddened to see the word nuclear so prominently displayed but buoyed by the fact that both the word love and smile made it in.