The Monetization of Twitter: Has Hootsuite Fired the Starting Pistol?

Hootsuite Logo
Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite just announced via their blog that they, amongst all the chatter of how to monetize Twitter, have just gone ahead and done just that. Hootsuite, is an already popular dashboard tool (I use it myself) for managing your Twitter stream(s) with built in stats and analytics.

So how did they do it you ask? By integrating Google Adsense right into Hootsuite allowing users to insert their Adsense code. For those already using Twitter and trying to figure out if they should continue–and if there is a way to truly see a measurable value to it as part of their overall marketing strategy–this may represent the turning point

Hootsuite has been careful to not make the ads unobtrusive and in no way will they ever hit your Twitter stream. They are inserted into the already existing  bar at the top that Hootsuite users are already used to being a part of their links.

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