Twitter News: Brent Spiner “Data” Held up at Gunpoint (no not really)


I know I know another post about Twitter. But I was once again reminded this evening about just how extraordinary the openness and access we have to others lives through Twitter is.

What set me off this evening? A simple post by Brent Spiner of Star Trek the Next Generation fame. Brent was a late bloomer when it comes to Twitter and his former costars LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton avid Twitterers. But Brent caught a mild case of the Twitter bug and keeps us fans entertained with posts about what he is up to.

Well just a few minutes ago Brent Tweeted the following:

“Was held up at gun point as I walked to agents. No money. Took my shirt. Went to agent without a shirt. Don’t think he was impressed.”

Brent's Tweet on being held up by gunpoint

It’s likely that we, Brent’s Twitter followers, are actually the first people outside of his immediate family and friends to know about this “frightening event.”* We likely are aware of this long before the media even learns of it.

I am glad Brent is ok. It’s late and I don’t have a lot more insight to impart than that. But I am already mourning the loss of this openness and sense of community that inevitably will die with Twitter’s superstar growth.

*Note: I realized this morning that there is absolutely zero sense of irony showing through in this post and no way to tell that Bent Spiner was most likely NOT held up at gunpoint (beyond the “keeps us fans entertained ” line..that and Brent’s post itself: “Don’t think he was impressed”). Hey I was tired.  In case there was doubt I am sure that Brent did not get held up and is fine. If you follow his Twitter stream you will see his sense of humor shining through. Note to self. No trying to post when you are tired…this is how rumors get started. 🙂