The power of being unique: 3 easy steps to honing your marketing message


Let’s face it. The fact is there are dozens upon dozens of other business owners out there offering similar products or services to what you offer. So how are you to be heard above all the buzz and noise?

The answer is simple. You must make yourself unique.  You must offer a unique angle that no one else is and very purposefully communicate this to your potential clients.  In copywriting this is often referred to as a “unique selling proposition” or USP and it may be the most powerful tool you can have in your marketing arsenal.

There are three steps you are going to need to follow:

  • Review your competitors core messages
  • Identify what makes your services/products different, your unique selling proposition
  • Include your unique angle in all of your marketing messages

Researching your competitors

It will take some work on your part to uncover what this thing that makes your business different is. Take a look at your competition. Search their marketing material to see if you can hone in on their core message is. What do they say they are offering their clients? How are your services or products going to be different?

Carving out your unique message

An important point to note here is that if you are not offering anything unique you need to consider modifying your business model to make yourself unique. This is so vital to making your business successful that it is worth the time and effort you will invest in it. Can you produce a unique product that no one else is offering? Are you able to service a unique niche market offering specialized knowledge in that area (the more targeted the better: websites for boutique pet store owners, direct mail package design for non-profits, real estate guidance for first time home buyers)?

You’ve got it, now use it

Once you have identified your own personal USP you need to weave it into everything you do.  All of your marketing should contain your USP: whether it be your 30-second networking party statement about what you do, a press release, or your website what makes your business unique should be clearly conveyed.

It just makes sense. Being unique makes you stand out in a crowd. It will take time to develop your USP and effort to keep it front and center but the investment will pay you back enormously. Commit to finding your unique angle and you will shine.