Bare Bones Baltimore in Black and White


I’ve been an uninspired lump of laziness for entirely too long now. It’s been ages since I pulled out the camera.

I’m hoping to get those creative juices flowing again soon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some old pics I’ve taken around my hometown.

Perhaps they’ll inspire me to start shooting again.

Baltimore looks good in black and white (AND color!)

Since picture shares ought to have some kind of a theme I’ve dug out some black and white pics to create a mini collection.

Their ONLY connection is that they were all shot here in my hometown and they’re all in black and white.


Feel free to comment, complain, encourage or entertain in the comments. 🙂

Downtown Baltimore Maryland steps

Baltimore family standing in front of a bench

Building with reflective windows in black and white

Courthouse in black and white
Shot from car sky and back of car

Downtown buildings

Mount Vernon on a misty fall morning

Helicopter and phone lines