Working from home works for me


In the Before Times, in those heady pre-pandemic days of yore, I often mused about what it might be like to work from home. Being a born introvert with major social anxiety I always found the concept appealing. Home is my safe place, after all. But I always wondered how the reality would match up with the fantasy.

Would I feel distracted? What about lonely? Could I be productive?


It turns out I thrive working from home. Like the proverbial duck taking to water. And the typical work from home twin bogeymen, Motivation and Boundaries, aren’t problems for me either.

I’ve always been self-driven, and prefer independence. I don’t struggle with the idea of boundaries because I always was non-traditional in my approach to work anyway. I often start working very early in the morning, sometimes before 5 AM. And I might pop out for a break in the middle of the day or for an appointment. But when I do I return to the desk and work later into the evening.

Being at home dovetails perfectly with that flexible approach. I’m able to balance work and life in a way that suits me. In fact, it allows me to be even more productive than ever.


With the help of my brilliant other half, I’ve even been able to recently start doing my work-related recordings again. In fact, the new setup gives me more autonomy and control than I ever had in the studio.

The work from home queen recording audio files

“The new setup gives me more autonomy and control than I ever had in the studio.”

And those Zoom meetings that everyone frets about? I breeze through them with little to no angst. But in the “real world” a face-to-face meeting can cause me hours of anxiety beforehand.

There are no positives to this killer coronavirus, of course. But it turns out one of the consequences.. having to work from home… has made me happier. And in these dark, doom-filled days when it seems like our country is spiraling to its death I will take the silver linings wherever I can find them.