Baby bat Lil’ Drac is all grown up…


Close up of fruit bat face…and still as adorable as ever.

If you missed my earlier post on Lil’ Drac the orphaned baby fruit bat it’s worth going to take a look now. If you’re already predisposed to bat loving then you’ll just enjoy the sweet story.

And if you fancy yourself a bat hater (ewww icckkk bats!) Lil’ Drac in all his adorableness might just have the power to change your mind and heart.

Let’s face it…if you have the ability to look into his sweet little bat face and still hate…well…you’re a much stronger person than I.

It turns out that bats grow up fast and Lil’ Drac is now a young adult bat and doing quite well. This follow up video let’s you share in his passage into adult bathood.

If Lil’ Drac managed to melt your heart and you’d like to help with bat conservation (they are an integral part of our ecosystem) you can learn about sponsoring a bat on the Bat World website. You can choose to adopt Lil’ Drac or one of his other bat friends.

And you can support Lil’ Drac and his endangered bat friends by purchasing a Lil’ Drac keyring or a very affordable Bats are Deserving wristband.

Hit play and altogether now..awwww….snifff…..