So I kind of just fell in love with a baby bat…


tiny black fruit bat handing from a person's fingerThat’s right I said it.

I’m in love with a baby bat and I’m not afraid to admit it.

And despite what you may think right now at this very moment…what “bat’ are icky” thoughts you might be harboring…after you press play on this video you just might be in love too. In fact, I’m willing to bet on it.

Allow me to introduce you to Lil’ Drac. He’s a short-tailed fruit bat. His mom sadly was traumatized when the zoo they were living in closed and they had to be moved. Mom couldn’t deal with the stress of the move and raising Lil’ Drac and so she stopped taking care of the teeny-tiny little guy.

(Admit it…your bat-hating heart is ALREADY starting to melt a little isn’t it?)

Luckily the crew at Bat World Sanctuary knew just what to do. They’re now caring for Lil’ Drac giving him the love and bat training his mom could no longer provide.

If after watching this video you’re still not 100% won-over my Lil’ Drac with his tiny little ears, and his tiny little arms, and his tiny little face then…well…I just have to ask, “My gawd are you sure your heart is working right?!?” πŸ™‚

Press play and fall in love…