Newsflash: I am a TERRIBLE blogger (SQUIRREL!)


It's a squirrel duhHad a discussion with the better half this morning and was hit by a lightning bolt of realization.

(No, I was not hit by a squirrel. Yes, I realize that I mentioned a squirrel in the title. We’ll get to that.  Focus. Stay with me here people.)

I’m a terrible, awful, very bad blogger.

My first clue was that I haven’t posted in, well, I’m afraid to actually go look and quantify it.

But it’s safe to say it’s been months and leave it at that.

Hello my name is Alice and I’m a shite blogger

The problem is the first thing I let slide when life starts getting a bit hectic is the blog.

Feeling stressed? I stop blogging.

Busy at work? I stop blogging.

Personal life hit some kind of bump. I stop blogging.

I suppose when it comes down to it I’m simply very easily distrac… wait, do you HEAR that?!

How can you NOT hear that?!

True story: When we had Dish Network I used to be able to hear the remote control working. I could actually hear some sort of… hm… tinny sounding noise when you pressed a button to change the channel.

Yeah, I know, no one else believes me either. But I could. [*dons tinfoil hat for protection*]

Anyway, so the purpose of this pointless post is to simply hop back on the old blogging train.

I realize not everyone is meant to blog. The internet is jammed full of tons of shite, pointless, rambling blogs.

But hey, why shouldn’t I be one of the ones producing some of the shite, right?

Can I get an Amen?

This post ought to be tossed in th… oh, look, SQUIRREL!

Typically when I’ve had one of these fall-off-the-blog-horse incidents the thing that gets me to climb back on is to just to post something random. (Check.)

Something of zero importance. (Check.)

Something with no substance that probably ought to be shitcanned. (Check and check.)

And would you look at that I’m blogging aga… TALKING SQUIRREL!