Blogging and being nice…


I’m being a terrible blogger again lately. I had a whole weekend to blog. But did I? Noooooo.

I got to wondering why I am going through this dry spell and I concluded there is nothing at all mysterious about it. It’s simply a proximity to my computer thing. Well that’s the bottom line of it at least.

When I was a part of the great Underemployed Class I was here at my computer during the day. Dashing off a blog when something struck me as funny, cute, stupid, or creative was easy. But being back at a 9 to 5 means I am simply here less. And, of course, I now jealously guard my weekends and refuse to sit at this desk for any length of time.

So yeah, no real mystery.

I am going to experiment with writing down things that I think about during the week. Perhaps they will inspire me to post things more often again. I am more of a spontaneous poster..but since that is not working out for me I’ll give this a try.

One thing that did inspire me…or..well…made me laugh was this below that The Bloggess made. I love the sentiment. Less freaking drama people. Please. 🙂

Be Nice Bloggess Art