How ManaMana! Was Saved and Saved My Day…


Deadline…must write…blank page staring at me…need some inspiration.

I know Muppets!

But what is this?? YouTube has MUTED ManaMana!!? Is there no justice in this world? Mean heartless bast*rds!

But @justinbellinger came to my rescue. He steered me to ManaMana over on Google Video.

Apparently the fancy pants at YouTube think they’re SO much better then their pals and coworkers over at Google Videos…muting childhood memories….bah.

But Google Video is thankfully still kinda like the wilder badas* little brother. You know the one that’s always in some kind of trouble but is so much cooler and more fun than drab upstanding stick in the mud big brother.

(Note: This NOT a reflection of any of MY brother’s who are ALL badas*es and lots of fun…just an analogy folks.)

So here you go…

And the original from 1969 where you get to see an earlier version of Animal….

And my day is officially saved! So now back to that article….