Grandpa dances his slippers off…


Upate to the Update: The video owner on this one was kind enough to reverse his no embed decision. Yay! Grandpa is back dancing and making me happy.

Update: And videos randomly being removed from YouTube makes me very UNHAPPY. I found another copy of this one, but it is of course not embeddable. Still looking for another but in the meantime you can try here to see it.

This makes me happy.

It’s…it’s…splendidly breathtaking! Granddad is getting his serious dance on. He danced off his darn slippers for goodness sake. And that leg swoop over the kid’s head!?!?! Swoon.

The amazing thing is that while baby in the highchair does do some head bobbing here and there it’s really kind of mild. And kid on the floor hardly even notices the dance party machine in front of him. Meaning…of course…that grandpa getting a major dance-on in the living room is just old hat every day stuff around there. How AWESOME is that??!!

P.S. – kinda reminds me of this one that ALSO makes me very happy.