I’d love having this double dog situation in my restaurant…


Perhaps it’s just me. I’ll admit that my sense of humor might be a bit warped at times. But this just seemed to get funnier and funnier. It’s actually a fairly long video…especially for a visual gag…but as it moved along I got more and more hysterical. Towards the end I almost passed out.

I felt so bad for the bigger dog (Sia) at first because the smaller pupster (Nono) got to start eating his plate o’ food and the big guy was still waiting.

I want to know who the heck raises such polite dogs. My last dog was a darling who really wanted to please me…love of my doggie loving life…but he totally would have torn into that food without a second thought.

And my last thought on the subject is a question (that I then…of course…answer myself). What the heck is it that makes hands on a dog so darn funny?? I suppose it’s because we KNOW what kind of trouble they’d get into if they had them.

At any rate, enjoy!…