When Pandas go post apocolyptic…


dry parched earth in foreground greenish sky aboveSurreal, a touch bizarre, and yet somehow still touching…this Mad Maxian (yup just made that term up) tale introduces you to the last Panda Bear standing on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Leaving many more questions that answers…as I suppose any good prologue should…this short leaves me wanting to know so much more.

Things like….

Is this an alternate universe where Panda Bears always roamed the Earth upright and clothed?close up of a panda bear face

Did they coexist with humans like those under the house before the apocalypse?

Is that really just a costume?

What happened?

What WILL happen?

So MANY questions….

Written , directed, and edited by Victoria Cocks and produced by Kirsty Stark it is supposedly a prologue to a TV series they hope to develop called Wastelander Panda.

Now I’m certainly not holding my breath waiting for it to ever see the light of day. But I sure as heck hope it does (fingers and toes crossed) cause gosh darn it I need some questions answered! And besides it’s a walking talking Panda!

So if you have the power to give these people a TV contract…or help get this project off the ground in some other capacity…for heaven’s sake WHAT are you waiting for?!? Visit the Epic Films Vimeo page and get in contact and make this thing happen.