What the heck is a goshawk?


That was my ill-informed question when I clicked on the video I posted below.

Soon it was quite clear what a goshawk is.

A (screech) “holy-heck look at that thing hunt!” amazingly beautiful bird of prey.

You can read the wiki on the Northern Goshawk here if you want to learn more.

(To my untrained eye Ellie looks like a Northern. But for the life of me I can’t understand what kind her adorably-enthusiastic handler says she is, so I could be way off base.)

Or you can just take a look at a couple of stills I grabbed and then press play and feel your jaw drop as this magnificent bird attacks dummy prey…including a water balloon (yes a freakin’ kaPOW bursting water balloon!)…in slow motion.

Oh and be sure to take click on the pics for bigger versions and take the video full screen (!).

Goshawk flying

Goshawk flying

Goshawk hunts yellow water balloon

Goshawk bursts water balloon

Goshawk bursts water balloon