Vintage burlesque routine will make you smile…


Through today’s filters it’s hard to think of this burlesque striptease…performed by Georgia Sothern…as titillating or sexy.

But I’m quite sure this frantic-paced, head-bobbing, leg-kicking routine was incredibly racy in it’s day. I’m equally sure it started many a guy sweating. And, even now, it’s a whole heck of a lot of fun!

When I plugged the lovely Ms. Sothern’s name into Google I found out quite a bit about her. She was known for her super-fast striptease act and her unique style won her the name The Dancing Dyanamo.

Sothern’s real name was Hazel Anderson. She was born into a stage family that worked the vaudeville circuit. But according to the website Partial Coverage by the time she was a young teenager her scumbag father had abandoned the family and she had lost her mom and uncle. At just 13 she she took up burlesque to survive.

Sothern’s quick stepping routine was a hit and, within a few short years, she not only was surviving she was thriving…headlining in many a venue along the Eastcoast burlesque circuit.

You can read more about Sothern’s story over on Partial Coverage here.

[Hattip Laughing Squid]