Vintage Typewriter PRON…


I’ve revealed my soft spot for vintage phones before but I’ve never owned up to my weakness for vintage typewriters.

Sadly, my home is way too petite to house a collection so I make do with one beauty that my indulgent husband gifted me with.

(However, let it be known that all bets are off if I spot a 1950’s pink Adler or Royal that I can afford. I mean willpower is only so strong. Am I right?

Oh..or a “Jack Torrance” style Adler circa The Shining ’cause who wouldn’t want to own one of those? {All work and no play…})

My beauteous typewriter is a 1963 Smith-Corona Sterling.

Isn’t she lovely?

Black and white photo vintage Sterling typewriter on table

Close up color photo of vintage typewriter keys

Color photo of vintage typewriter