The Star Wars that I Used to Know


Although I have been an absentee blog parent lately for incredibly boring reasons you honestly don’t want to hear I simply HAD to post this video come hell or high water.

While I am undeniably a Star Wars fan I’m not a true aficionado or fangirl. I’m not nearly dedicated enough in expanding my SW knowledge to make any kind of claim like that.

And while what I doggedly think of as the “Original” movies (but I’m now supposed to call 5 and 6) are clearly superior to me than the later (earlier?) junk, I don’t get all bogged down in that Lucas Rage that fanboys seem to live for.

I mean, sure the later (earlier?) stuff is mostly shite…. but the way I see it, the man still gave us freakin’ Star Wars!! But I must admit that I do get amused by the whining and this parody video by the genius kids over at Teddie Films cracked me up. Brilliant!

Oh, and cause I have this sinking feeling that this one might get pulled when Lucas starts threatening to sue, I’ve captured a few screen shots to keep around for when it is gone. They’re up first then the main dish video.

Jedi face body paint

Darth Vader Mask painted

Darth Vader George Lucas body paint

Close up Lucas yells at Vader