Star Wars & other Equally Geeky Movies Explained by Japanese Woman Learning English…


Hand drawn Robots from Star Wars R2DT and C3POI know…I know…phew that’s a super-long title up there. But I wanted to get it all in.

Hey, what are you complaining about? I even used the “&” instead of “and” saving two characters! (A skill I learned using Twitter.) What more do you WANT from me?!

Well…ANYYYWAYYY…these videos are likely going to be the most fantastic thing you encounter today so you’ll be thanking me in a few minutes for that super-long title that sufficiently grabbed your attention. Which, let’s face it, with all the internety distractions circulating out there isn’t easy.

Mika is an adorable Japanese young lady who is practicing her English skills by explaining the plots of some of our favorite films. And if you ask me she totally nails them.

I’ve included Star Wars and The Matrix here for your watching enjoyment. But go visit the JapanArchist channel over on YouTube for more of these awesome synopses.

(Admit it…you’re impressed that I knew the plural of the word synopsis aren’t you? Well if you thought that was impressive how about the fact that I didn’t even have to look it up?! I know…right?!)

These are brilliant! Enjoy…

[via Geekologie]