Step right up I’ve got your fun and amazing facts here…


I’m kinda sorta pretty sure that I posted the first one of these videos here on SBP. Sadly I’m too lazy to go look. Well that and busy of course. Always busy.

But at any rate I definitely watched the first one and shared it on Twitter at the very least.

Aaannyywayy…it’s time for another installment of fun and amazing facts to tickle and delight your brain.

These videos remind of those books of amazing facts that pop up from time to time. I used to love those things as a kid. Heck, I still love them as an adult. I bought one not all that long ago and devoured it in a sitting. I think it had a drawing of frogs on the cover or something.

Sure, sure I can remember THAT but not all the amazing and wonderful facts inside it. Sigh. I wish my brain retained all of that randomness. I’d sure be the life of the cocktail party then wouldn’t I?

What was I doing? Oh yeah….posting the video. Sorry about that. enjoy!