Fun fun fun!: Draw Something Memelet


Audience participation is so much fun. Don’t you think? “Yes!”, you say? I knew you would agree. So here’s the participation part.

Whilst grabbing my daily shot of  Consider Your Ass Kicked I was asked to participate in a fun social experiment of sorts. Now I am asking you to do the same.

The guidelines (don’t like the word rules…it’s the rebel in me) are quite simple.

1. Take the drawing below.
2. Draw something on it. Anything you wish, using any tool you wish. You may print out, draw, and scan back in; or you may use MS Paint or some other doodling app. HINT: TRY TO LEAVE SOME ROOM FOR FUTURE ARTISTS
3. Post it onto your blog with these same 4 rules, plus a list of all the artists who have gone before (adding your name at the bottom of the list).
4. Anyone who chooses to pick up where you left off can do so, adding their own element to the drawing!

Here’s the list of artists so far:

1. Allie from
2. dogimo from
3. Alice from


PS – If you don’t have a blog post it to your Facebook. Or if you don’t have a Facebook send your modified drawing and artist list back to me and I will post it here. So no excuses for not participating. Oh except if you just don’t feel like it.  In which case no pressure here. 🙂