BATS! Orange you glad I didn’t say Trump?


Bats, and orange colored hair, both picked up an undeserved bad reputation in 2020.

It remains to be seen if bats had anything at all to do with the coronavirus behind COVID-19. But if they did the pandemic certainly isn’t the little critter’s fault. After all, these shy creatures generally try to mind their own business. And they can’t help if humans come crashing into their world.

And the orange hair… well, despite Cheeto (Trump) Mussolini’s ownership of a head of it, not all orange hair is bad. I mean many a beloved Muppet, for example, has an orange pelt.

This bat has ears for DAYS

So I ask you to suspend your distaste for either as you gaze upon this adorable little guy. This handsome boy, now known as Myotis nimbaensis, is a newly discovered bat species.

Myotis nimbaensis bat Courtesy of Bat Conservation International
Cutie patootie!

Scientists stumbled upon them in the Nimba mountain range in Guinea in South Africa. The team was there conducting conservation surveys on bats in the area. And when they focused on a series of mining caves that’s when they found them.

I’m blown away every time a new species is discovered on this planet. It always seems so strange to me that we are sharing the planet with creatures we don’t even know exist. And personally, I think this one is awfully cute. I mean LOOK at those ears.

Bats = GOOD – Trump = BAD

I REFUSE to let these cute little critters be associated with that sociopath who will be squatting in our White House for just a few more days now. And besides unlike THAT maniac bats do tons of good things for us.

Bats help keep insect populations in check, for example. They also disperse seeds far and wide. And bees aren’t the only ones out their pollinating plants. That’s right, bats do THAT too. In fact, if you’ve ever had a shot of tequila or a margarita, you can thank a bat for that. Because the agave plants that the alcohol is made from rely on bats to do the pollinating.

In other words, they’re a vital part of our ecosystem. And right now 21 species of bats are critically endangered while another 83 are considered endangered. Plus 109 more species are knocking on the door of endangerment.

So these little guys can’t afford to have us hating on them all the time. They need our support to survive and thrive.

If you’re feeling inspired to lend them a hand you can make a donation to Bat Conservation International or sign up for a membership right here. Personally, I’ve got my eye on some Bat Nerd merch.

Oh, and just one last thing. Bumblebee bat!

Tiny bumble bee bat or the KittiÒ€ℒs Hog-nosed Bat