Scientists discover 200 new species on island


I’ve written on the subject before, but for some reason I feel compelled to mention once again just how stunned I am every single time we discover a new species on our planet. It seems so impossible to me that we’ve been living here all this time and haven’t uncovered them before.

I realize the discoveries are mostly made in the most remote places in the thickest of jungles or at the deepest depths of the sea. And that my slack-jawed response is probably entirely uncalled for. Yet I’m still amazed– and yes the best word for it is delighted–whenever a new species is identified.

Well scientists have managed to uncover 200…yes 200!…new species on the island of Papua, New Guinea. There were 20 new species of katydids alone!

That first pic down there…the little guy with the awesome pink eyes… is just one of the 20 katydids found. The frog and the possum are two of my favorites.

Read the full story and see the rest of the photos here.

[Photo credits:
Piotr Naskrecki / Courtesy of Conservation International
Andrea Lucky / Courtesy of Conservation International
Stephen Richards / Courtesy of Conservation International ]