How I was scarred for life by a Wookiee…


So there I was mindlessly surfing my feeds.

*click* (ha, ha) *click* (no way!) *click* (huh?)

Hm…what’s that about Chewbacca? *click*

And that’s when it happened. All of a sudden I was watching a Wookiee bellydance on my screen.

Is that lavendar fringe? That couldn’t possibly be a FLOWER in that Wookiee’s hair.

It was at once horrifying and mesmerizing. I couldn’t possibly look away.

And what was that music that accompanied the hip-swinging of that to-close-to-Chewie-for-comfort Wookiee?

Klingon music? Oh yes, those musicians are clearly Klingons. Hold it…wait..what? Star Wars….Star Trek…my world’s were colliding.

Suddenly, I felt faint.

Behold the (okay, MAYBE it’s a little bit awesome too) horror…