When Gangham Style takes an A capella turn..


In my estimation Gangham Style strapped on a pair of water skies in the great state of Hawaii and gave it’s regards to The Fonz round about three weeks ago.

Oh I’ll admit that when I first encountered it when the viewing counts were still just in the high 100,000 range I just about fell off my chair chortling and I promptly shared it. I mean come on…that’s some pure comedy gold there.

But then the meme train ran it into the ground. Social Media made hamburger of the thing. And it wasn’t long before I started twitching every time I heard a snippet of it playing. Now, at this point, in pure self defense I generally avoid any links that have the word “Gangham” in them.

But one caught my eye that I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I didn’t ’cause this is all kinds of awesome.

Heck I’d even say impressive. It’s almost turned Gangham Style into…dare I say it?…yeah I’m gonna do it…art!

I present Gangham Style A capella…