“Beep. Beep. I’m A Sheep.” the earworm you need in your life


After a year-long blog hiatus, it somehow seems only appropriate to return with “Beep. Beep. I’m A Sheep.” the earworm you never knew you needed in your life.

And, frankly, I don’t know how you could possibly disagree with me on this one.

The true mystery here is how BBIAS (as I like to call it, ’cause I’m a cool kid, obviously, duh) managed to stay under the radar for so long. Such earworm brilliance should NEVER be hidden under a basket.

I mean BBIAS isn’t totally unknown. It had a bump in popularity back in the summer of ’16. But honestly, it never reached the level of earworm supermemedom it ought to have.

(Okay, to be fair some versions did get LOTS of play. But just roll with me here because the truth is it simply managed to escape my notice. Therefore it was “unknown.” Yup, I AM self-centered like that.)

Created by comedian Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell this version is a tricked out fan version (Coasterfan312) that floated into my awareness because the fabulous Miss Cellania gifted it to me in her Morning Cup of Links.

So enough stalling. Brace yourself, this one will be with you all day.