Colorblind man sees color for the 1’st time and it’s amazing


Close up of colorblind man wearing Enchroma color correcting glassesOkay, at this point I am practically contractually obligated to share all videos of colorblind folks seeing colors for the first time.

I’ve shared so many it would be strange to NOT share another one of these awesome life-changing moments that was making its way around the web.

In this case, however, rather than just those few amazing moments right after donning the Enchroma color-corrective glasses (and they are there… sniffle… never before have the words “My God your hair is purple!” made you want to weep with joy) we continue to follow a colorblind person seeing color for the first time throughout his day.

Colorblind guy says, “I want to look at meat” and we laugh and cry

It’s a bit of a different perspective than we’ve seen before. And it’s one that sheds light on how this new way of seeing doesn’t just wow the colorblind person for a few fun moments, but rather we begin to get the idea that this will really effect his life in countless small ways that you and I will never have even thought of.

If you have sensitive ears be careful. Naturally this awesome awestruck guy let’s loose with some curse words now and again. But not nearly as many as I probably would if I was in his situation.