Mashup genius: Hell’s Club may not be safe, but it IS brilliant


Front entrance of Hell's ClubHell’s Club has got to be the best mashup I’ve seen all year. Heck in YEARS.

“So what IS Hell’s Club?,” you may be wondering.

Well, here’s how it’s creator, Antonio Maria Da Silva of AMD Films, describes it…

“There is a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time. Outside of all logic. This place is known as Hell’s Club, But this club is not safe.”

Hell’s Club: Outside of all logic

I , however, can describe it in one word, “brilliant.”

What happens when The Terminator, Tony Montana, a couple of Tom Cruise characters, Carlito Brigante, a Blade Runner and a vintage John Travolta character all end up in Hell’s Club?

Click to find out….

Hat tip to @celeph for the link! 🙂