Can a spider’s mating dance be adorable?


Colorful Peacock spiderI know, it’s probably not a question that’s kept you up at night. But still, it’s a good one. “Can a “scary” spider’s mating dance actually be cute?”

Two words. HECK and YEAH.

Because my reaction to watching this little guy… an Australian Peacock spider… dance his tiny little spider tushy off was just that… “Awww adorable!”

He’s sweet little look of spidery earnestness grabbed my attention from the start.

His multiple eyes scanning the horizon for a female friend made me root for him right away.

But when he started his little attention getting side leg lifts… well, let’s just say someone ought to check my pulse because I’m pretty sure I died from the cute.

Then suddenly… BAM… the fan’o’color is released and that’s when this eighth of an inch long party REALLY gets started.

And when he finally breaks out his full-on butt-bobbing leg-shaking dance moves he somehow manages to be both impressive AND adorable.

Do you doubt the adorable? You won’t once you watch this.

And then take a look at some slow-mo dance action with musical accompaniment no less (fancy fancy).

Believe it or not I’ve posted about jumping spider dances before.

(I KNOW…crazy, huh? I have two…count them TWO… posts now that sport the tag mating dance. In my book that officially makes it “a thing.”)

If you want to hear the hidden part of this dance party you should check it out here.

And for even MORE spider fun check out this Look Ma I’m hidin’ spider.

[via Scientific American]