Deep breaths… Batman is going to be OK, I promise


Batman crying inthe rainIn light of all the Ben Affleck as Batman hysteria on the interwebs today I thought you all could use a little salve to soothe your wounded souls.

Yes, yes I know Affleck is a horrible choice.

Yes, yes I know it’s going to suck.

Yes, yes I know you are upset.

But as I pointed out in a tweet earlier, all Superman movies suck.

So no need to get your shorts into THAT much of a twist.

It’s all going to be OK… I promise kids.

Take a deep breath and watch this.

P.S. – I’m actually starting to feel a tiny bit bad for the guy. I mean, if someone asked YOU to be Batman you’d probably have said yes too… right? Let’s just hope he’s not checked the web today. Hey Matt, distract your buddy for a few days until the hate dies down.