Businesses on Twitter: B-Dry and Feedly Social Marketing Wins


B-Dry Logo

Just a short post to mark this auspicious occasion. Today for the first time I have had a perfectly timed and totally welcome ad delivered to me via Twitter. The deliverer of the message was @BDryBlueCanyon with B-Dry Waterproofing.

Two factors contributed to my being contacted today. First we are having some work done on the cement in the area between our house and the neighbors. We hired some local guys to do the work after they did some for a neighbor. Problem is they rushed to break up the concrete this past Friday and since then the second factor kicked in; days and days of rain. So now we have exposed ground that is fast filling up with huge puddles of water.  And yes, you guessed it, a wet basement.

So I posted on Twitter this morning “Well it is official…wet basement…big dramatic sigh” and within a couple hours the clever person behind the @BDryBlueCanyon, who was obviously doing Twitter searches on wet basements and such, Tweeted back to me “B-Dry has three fantastic locations in Baltimore that could give you a free estimate to end your wet basement problems 1-800-871-2379”

Perfectly timed and well done! We have already been talking about waterproofing after we get the cement work done and this well timed Tweet will have me calling B-Dry.

Only unsolicited advice that I can give to @BDryBlueCanyon, since he seems new to Twitter is to be sure to make some real contact with people as well. With real conversation his well timed business Tweets are sure to be even more impactful.

feedly logo

Oh and I must give a shout out to the folks at feedly as well. I adore feedly. Couldn’t live without it and have posted such before to anyone who cared to listen. Well feedly proved they were listening when after an update I lost my “latest” tab the place where I spend 95% of my time in feedly. I posted that I had lost the tab with the update and was upset about it and within minutes a representative of feedly Tweeted back to me telling me where to find it.

Both excellent examples of how businesses should be using Twitter. Bravo to you both!