Censoring Twitter Trending Topics (updated)


This morning there is yet another spam Twitter trending topic. Sitting at number two is the topic #MrsSlocombesPussy. Yes my offensive meter went off and yes being human I was instantly curious what the topic was about. Stupid childish spam no doubt, but I thought I’d check. So I clicked on the trending topic, but no results were found.


Hm strange. So I switched over to Tweetdeck and tried the search there. Same result, which is to say nada in the results department. Outside search applications, that are drawing their data from outside search come up empty also.

Which brings me to a curious place. Intellectually I feel like perhaps I should appreciate the blocking of “offensive spam”. But my honest gut reaction is alarm. My censorship alarm bells are pealing away in my head. Yes, sure this is unwanted spam “But what about other topics that might be controversial or ‘offensive‘ to some becoming censored also?” my brain is excitedly and nervously asking.

It is likely an overreaction on my part. I have an intense knee jerk reaction to anything that smells to me like it could be censorship. Not sure where it comes from. Bohemian hippy parents? Some past life experience? Some run ins with idiot teachers in my past? Who knows. But I am left in the no mans land between appreciating that Twitter is taking an active role and that…well…gosh darn it…isn’t this censoring?!

What say you readers. Please comment below. I need some input here.


Apparently this particualr hashtag was  legitimate and started by Twitter user Jonathan Ross (@wossy).  It was started as a tribute to Molly Sugden who recently died.  Sugden was a comedic actress best known for her role as Mrs. Slocombe on the British comedy Are You Being Served.  The hashtag referred to one of the most popular episodes of the show ever (ah yes I remember this episode now):

You can see the original post here.

This certainly fuels the fires of my censorship concerns. Such a slippery slope.

(Updated info via this post at Techcrunch by @deputydOg in the comments)

Update..yes again

A Mashable post on the subject here.