Alice fails at being a housewife…


So those of you that are following along may know that a couple weeks ago I stumbled across a vintage ad for making a Jello and pineapple mold in the can. I thought “I can totally do that! How hard could it be?”

And right then and there I decided that I would give it a try.

I just finally found the time for the great Jello experiment this weekend. And let me tell you folks…I was quiet excited about this. I figured I would come off looking like the ultimate vintage housewife when I served that puppy for dessert Sunday night.

I gathered together my materials…lime Jello, a can of Dole pineapple slices, water. I followed the incredibly simple directions and stuck the can into the fridge to chill.

So I’m guessing you may have an idea where this is going. Let’s just say things did not turn out well. A real housewife would sigh and walk away in disgust at what I turned out.

Me a housewife? Yeah, not so much. But hey I tried. I get credit for that at least right?

And I made you this nifty animation of the whole failed experiment. So that counts for something also right?