Friday Fun with vintage images


I’m a fan of bit obsessed with images from the 1940’s and 1950’s of housewives in their kitchens.

There’s just something about those bright shiny illustrations of spotless to-die-for kitchens inhabited by perfectly coiffed women in aprons and heels that I simply can’t resist.

Who knows…perhaps it’s a fascination born out of knowing that they are everything that I’m not. I mean they set the bar so very high….even if they were truly miserable while doing it….that few of us could ever hope to live up to it.

I find myself right clicking and piling up stacks of virtual images that just sit on my C drives collecting virtual dust. And, frankly, that’s a shame.

Heck it’s Friday so let’s let our hair down and have some fun with a few of those vintage finds shall we?

black and white photo housewife in apron pulling a meal out of the oven

1950's housewife in apron and heels displaying the contents of her refrigerator

1950's housewife in apron and heels standing in her spotless kitchen

1950's housewife in heels standing in fron of her blue oven basting a ham

1950's housewife in an apron standing in her bright shiny kitchen