Top 10 “Dramatic Animal” Videos of All Time


Memes memes I love memes…you love memes…we all love memes. What would the internet be without them?

For your viewing pleasure I present to you the top 10 “dramatic animal” videos of all time. None is longer than 1 minute 19 so you are in for all kinds of free fun all in less than 3 minutes. Can’t beat that.

Please be sure to share in the comments any of your favorites that I missed.

Dramatic Chipmunk (who is actually a Prairie Dog for those who don’t know)

Dramatic Pug

Dramatic Cat

Dramatic Lemur (who is actually a tarsier)

Dramatic Doberman (well up to about 24 seconds)

Dramatic Chicken

Dramatic Chihuahua

Dramatic Pig

Dramatic Hamster

“Dramatic” Ninja Cat with Music
(maybe not technically a “dramatic” animal but pretty darn dramatic)

And a bonus video: a bit of meme edu-catiiooonn-ion-ion (pronounced Doug Heffernan style) for you