Everybody Say Awww: Top 14 Animal Waves on YouTube


I recently ran across a video of a waving goat…yes a goat….and this sent me off in search of other animal waving videos. I of course collected some of the best to share with you my dear readers. We begin our journey with that waving goat. Enjoy!

Goat Wave

Cat Wave

Dog Wave

Parrot Wave (bonus she laughs and talks for us too!! I *heart* her big time)

Baby Bear Wave

Gorilla Wave

Whale Wave

Guinea Pig Wave (bonus circle, hoop, and paw tricks!)

Seal Wave

Squirrel Wave (wait for it..wait for it..wave around 0.42 seconds)

Short Puppy Wave (cause puppies are different than dogs & he was adorable)

Gorilla Wave 2 (the way he’s working the crowd is awesome)

Boxer Wave (because boxers aren’t just any ordinary dog)

Polar Bear Wave