Lightening fast Mozart minuet combines music and science for the win


World's Fastest Orchestra performs a Mozart minuetIf you blink you’ll miss this brilliantly-executed, lightening-fast, Mozart minuet.

The “concert” happens in about 10 seconds flat. The set up clearly took FAR longer.

But relax, the World’s Fastest Orchestra were kind enough to give us a slow motion replay.

Bonus, it’s all kinds of cool and sciencey at the same time.

Mozart would approve

I can’t help but think that Mozart would approve. After all he was rumored to have an excellent… if somewhat bawdy and childish… sense of humor.

In the slow-motion replay you can watch nearly perfectly thrown coins drop into glass beakers with just the right amount of liquid in them to produce the desired notes to execute the Mozart piece.

And there are lab coats guys… LAB COATS! πŸ™‚