Blown away by hypnotizing juggler who may (or may not) be performing actual magic


Guy performs contact juggling with a clear glass globeYou’ve probably seen contact juggling before. But if you’re like me you never knew that’s what it was called.

In contact juggling, the juggler manipulates objects that come into contact with the body rather than the more common tossed object juggling we’re all familiar with. Contact jugglers often use balls and some, like the ones that I have seen, use transparent glass spheres.

The skilled juggler can make them look as if they are moving by sheer magic. And when using transparent glass you have an added dimension that can add to the illusion.

I’ve seen videos of some really talented jugglers before, but this guy from Taipei, China blows away anything I’ve stumbled across in the past.

HELP I’ve been hypnotized by contact juggling!

Now if you’re a contact juggling connoisseur (is there such a thing?), which I’m clearly not, it’s entirely possible that you may have seen as good or better. If so, you can school me in the comments.

But for the rest of the uninitiated, I can assure you that you’ll be impressed.

Besides it’s not always just about the “tricks” it’s the presentation, and this young man has got presentation leaking out of him from his gorgeous cheek bones to his perfectly executed blue tipped locks.

His work is mesmerizingly beautiful. It’s like watching a dance. And the gorgeous backgrounds they’ve chosen for the shoot add to the impact of his performance.

After watching this I have new respect for contact juggling as an art form.