Lecture 13: The geocentric universe…


What do geeks do for entertainment during Saturday morning breakfast? These geeks watch a lecture series called “Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy.”

We’re up to lecture 13 and I love it. What a great way to spend my Saturday breakfast time..bagel with cheese, coffee, and Professor Alex Filipenko explaining black holes, dark energy, and the birth of our solar system to me.

The husband got a catalog from The Teaching Company. They have put together a bunch of lecture series on DVD. After salivating over them for awhile he decided to give them a try. And I’m so glad he did. Nothing like a little brain stimulation to get my weekends started off right.

It’s no wonder that Professor Filipenko was voted “Best Professor on Campus” (University of Berkley) six times. His enthusiasm for the material is positively infectious. And he truly has a gift for making the material easy to digest and relevant. Yup, I’ve got a crush on teacher.