Get your papery animationy goodness here…


This lovely little animation “Paper Dreams” is a student project by artist Kenneth Onulak. Most of the work is hand drawn and then pulled into After Effects to complete. It took him about 12 weeks to pull it all together. And I think it’s super.

In Kenneth’s own words…

“…I wanted the animation to have a dream like quality exploring the reality and space in which the dream exists and felt that the cutout technique fit this idea. Color was another consideration that I built into the design of the animation to help enhance the dreamlike qualities of the film. From here the idea grew and as I did studies involving birds, umbrellas, water, trees, and other things I was able to refine my idea and break it down to find the core essentials of the film …”

You can see the rest of what Kenneth had to say about the film here.

Kenneth is currently a student at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Film / Animation / Video and specializing in animation. I think we’ll see lots of great stuff from him in the years to come.

And you can find more of Kenneth’s work on his website here.