Dolphin asks a diver for help…


I challenge you to watch this video and not feel touched and somehow humbled.

In an incredible act of trust a bottlenose dolphin in need of assistance chooses to risk everything by approaching a diver to ask for help.

The dolphin was impaled by a fishing hook and the attached line was wrapped around a fin making it impossible for him to swim properly.

He presents his fin to the diver and calmly allows him to remove the hook and line, even allowing him to use a cutting tool.

I realize that there’s a very real concern about dolphins trusting humans too easily. When you consider the horrible crimes we have committed against their species and other animals they share their watery home with, blind trust is probably the last thing you’d want or expect from them. And then there are concerns about “laypeople” involving themselves in marine rescues.

But yet, here it is. And despite those concerns it’s a beautiful and powerful event and I wouldn’t want it to not have happened.

I can’t help but feel that the diver and the dolphin were supposed to be there together at that moment in time and that we were supposed to be given the opportunity to see it.