Doc Brown is that you? I’m so confused….


I see a flash of light, I see a DeLorean crashing through a store window, I see a man who looks a heck of lot like Christopher Loyd circa Doc Brown days, and…well…I am sooo confused…whaaaa…mama hold me.

OK apparently this is part of some campaign by a chain of electronic stores in Argentina that go by the name Garbarino. But honestly it doesn’t make me much less confused.

And here it is in color from the perspective of some “innocent bystanders” in which you actually see the store front with the name. So there’s that.

I sense viral intentions here…you know cause I’m insightful like that. But I think they went wrong by releasing the color version. They should have stuck with the “grainy black and white security footage” and subtly stuck their brand in somehow if they felt they had to.

The color version kinda makes it lose it’s mystery. They could have held on to that version and released it later after the first “mystery” blew up on the internet. Just sayin’…that’s what I would have done had I been in charge of the marketing.