Developing a 2-year-old’s pallet as an old


Let’s get something straight right up front. I’m NOT a picky eater.

Exhibit A? I’m fat.

I have been since maybe the end of middle school or start of high school.

I like food. Clearly too much.

Which is why a recent development is so puzzling. Suddenly I have an aversion to some foods I’ve always liked.

Fish is no longer fun

I can’t stomach fish, for example. Which, as a Marylander is KILLING me.

But lately my body says, “Nope, not gonna happen” every time I try to fight a forkful of fish down.


Tempeh is a turn off

And then there’s tempeh. I know fermented soy isn’t everyone’s jam. But I’ve always enjoyed it.

It makes a great breakfast side in place of bacon. It’s terrific in dishes when you want to lay off the meat for a meal.

And let’s face it, our belly bugs LOVE the stuff.

But this isn’t supposed to be a commercial for tempeh. It’s a post about developing sudden food aversions as an adult.


And tempeh is another victim of this strange new shift in taste. Even looking at a picture of it right now makes my stomach do uncomfortable flip flops.

I wonder how common this is. Have other folks’ developed a 2-year-old’s palate as an almost oldster?

Or am I just a freak of nature?

And no, I’m NOT pregnant.