Capturing the Grand Canyon from the edge of space…


Photographer John Flaig takes photos from space. But he never leaves the ground.

He’s one of the pioneers of a new kind of photography that uses helium filled weather balloons to send cameras up to the edge of space.

The resulting photos are incredible.

But you don’t have to trust me, judge for yourself.

Below are a few screen captures to whet your appetite for the main course video at the end.

Click on the pics for slightly bigger versions.

Oh, and be sure to go full screen on this one to get the full impact.

Grand Canyon from space GrandCanyonFromSpace_2 GrandCanyonFromSpace_3 GrandCanyonFromSpace_4 GrandCanyonFromSpace_5 GrandCanyonFromSpace_6 GrandCanyonFromSpace_7 GrandCanyonFromSpace_8