Psst NASA…


…to reignite some public passion we need even MORE new exciting photos like these retro space pRon shots from 65-66.

That’s Ed White in the first two photos. He’s the first American to perform a space walk. And the third shot is Buzz Aldrin.

Sure random “wheee I’m in space!” space walk photos may not be scientific, purposeful, or even “safe” (bah…heh what IS safe in space anyway?).

But they are exciting and romantic.

And let’s face it, the program sure could use a shot of romance…not to mention a serious cash infusion.

(Although,  I must admit, it  puzzles me how anyone can possibly  be bored with the idea of people in space. It’s freakin’ space people…SPACE! 🙂 )

Astronaut in space suit earth behind him

Astronaut in space suit earth in background

Close up of astronuat's face in helmet earth in background