Beautiful octopus ballet is…well…beautiful…


While octopus against dark backgroundSometimes YouTube coughs up an old, but lovely, video that has somehow managed to escape my notice for years.

Such was the case today when I stumbled across this underwater footage posted in 2009.

It features a white Grimpoteuthis bathynecte “Dumbo” octopus.

The Dumbo’s “ears” are actually fins that help him move around.

These deep sea octopus, that live near the hydrothermal vent fields of underwater volcanoes, are rarely seen so not a whole lot is known about them.

The video was shot in 2005 with a high definition underwater camera, 200 miles off the coast of Oregon, at a depth of 6600 feet.

I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of stills to share too. Click on the pics for larger versions.

White "Dumbo" octopus swimming showing legs

White octopus close up showing legs, head, and eye

White octopus from above showing head

And now the video. If you have the bandwidth choose the 720p HD version and go full screen. It will be worth it.