The beatbox skills of this Japanese champion will blow you away


Sh0h champion beatboxerPrepare to be properly impressed by two-time beatbox champion Sh0h. We’re talking capital G-double o- good.

I think what impressed me most was the layering of sounds that you’ll start to hear around midway through the first video. Sh0h, sometimes referred to as The Human Disco, manages to create a background sound and layer another one seemingly right over top of it. It some distant way it reminds me of throat singing in which the singers do,literally, sing several tones at once (for more on throat singing clickity click on Why Throat Singing Should Blow Your Mind).

Now, to be clear I don’t know a darn thing about the art of beatbox except that I enjoy the work of those particularly skilled at it. And considering Sh0h is a champion two times over I think it’s safe to say his peers agree he’s damned good at it.

Sh0w may, or may not be a ghost

I tried to track down more details on Sh0h to share with you. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dig up much of anything.

It’s not that Sh0h is difficult to find online. He’s clearly has a presence in the world of beatbox. There are plenty of videos where you can see Sh0h display his incredible beatbox skills.

And you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. But, surprisingly, I was unable to dig up an actual interview with the guy. So he may, or may not be a ghost. I’m just sayin’.

(Uh journalists y’all might want to get on that. This guys a two time champion. Why aren’t their interviews and bios on him? And the camera loves him, so there’s that too.)

I did find one video where he shared a tiny bit of his background. If I’m doing my math correct he’s been beatboxing for around five years now, and in 2013 at least he was part of the Folklore Crew. He plays the piano and he loves the trumpet, but doesn’t play it. And he’s a jazz fan.

Look at that HAIR!

But with a lack of details beyond that, such as what his day job is (if he has one), what his fav foods are or how he feels about global warming we’ll just have to settle for making our own random (and shallow) observations.

I’ll start by saying the man has an awesome sense of style. Check out his duds in the second video which took place at the championships in Berlin Germany this year. The pinstripe jacket lined in red silk (!) and the shoes outshine the standard, run-of-the-mill hip hop gear you see around him. Nicely done. And look at that hair… just LOOK at it.

But, obviously, best of all is his work on the mic. Close your eyes and listen to those mad beatbox skills.