5 minutes of pure joy with happy dogs riding in cars…


white and brown bulldog in a car window blue sky backgroundThe video below is just what the title above says.

Somebody had a slow-motion enabled camera. They had some cars. And, oh yeah they had some dogs.

So far so good. But besides the dogs (dogs rule!) nothing very exciting. But when they combined them all the result was a whole lot of joy….for the dogs AND for us.

Five full minutes of ear flying, jowl flapping, doggie-smiling joy that made me unreasonably happy. (And a little sad…missing my sweet boy Hobbs.)

Yup, that’s about it. But really could you ask for much more?

Oh, and just in case you’re thinking about raining on the happiness parade with a lecture about dog health and safety don’t bother cause I’m sick today…cough cough…and as a result I’m semi-delirious and in NEED of all the happy I can get.

And besides I can’t hear you anyway…la la la (fingers placed firmly in ears).

[Be sure to stay tuned for the last minute or so with the cast list….Mia, Bohdi, Charlo, Snickers, Pinky, Clancy, Assagi, Ronnie, Jethro, Gracie, Suki, Chloe, Kiwi, and Keith.]