Wait…I thought humans weren’t meant to fly…


I have to admit that before I watched this video I essentially thought of skydiving is an adrenaline junkies ear-popping “look at me I’m a bada*s I defy death” hurtling trip towards land.

..and then I saw skydiving in a whole new light.

This is literally beautiful. The gorgeous saturated colors, the incredible mind-bending perspectives, the slowed-down-so-I-can-appreciate-the-magic-of-it-all shooting style all come together perfectly.

Slowing everything down and capturing the small movements revealed the beauty of the sky dance in a way that you never see in those super fast videos where the divers maneuver into a bunch of different shapes to mimic a dance, but in the end appear anything but graceful and dancer-like.

Here they are everything you could want…beautiful…graceful…dancing… flying…superheros. I only wish it were longer.

Looks look humans WERE meant to fly…

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.